Magellan eXplorist 200 Water Resistant Hiking GPS


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Magellan eXplorist 200 Water Resistant Hiking GPS Description

Product Packaging:Standard Packaging Product description Featuring TrueFixTM technology for reliable accuracy to within 3 meters, built-in maps and customizable screens make navigating the outdoors fun and easy. Save track logs, waypoints and more to 8 MB free memory. Powerful, affordable and easy to use.  Built-in maps of North America or Europe make it easy to navigate major roads and highways. Map detail includes parks, waterways, city centers, airports and other major points of interest. Save up to 5 track log files, 500 points of interest and 20 routes to the additional 8 MB of available memory.Intelligently designed for comfortable right or left handed use, the clearly marked keypad provides one-touch access to all your most important features. Joystick controller makes scrolling the simple menus fun and easy. The large backlit display is easy-to-read day or night. Customizable navigation screens show your location, speed, direction, and distance to destination and more, just the way you want it.Put easy-to-use, powerful and affordable GPS in your pocket.Easy-to-use – Navigate in seconds with simple menus, one-button shortcut to key features and joystick control Built-in maps – North American or European basemap shows major roads, parks, waterways and many points of interest Large backlit display – Clearly see your GPS information day or night TrueFix technology – Reliable accuracy to within 3 meters Track logging – Store 150 track files with 2000 points each Customizable navigation screens – Map, Compass, Locator and Satellite Status deliver easy-to-use information Advanced power management – Two AA batteries provide up to 17 hours of use. Save power with auto-off’. Rugged construction – Encased in rubber armored, impact resistant plastic Water resistant – Don’t worry Amazon.com Amazon.com Product Description There’s a lot to Magellan’s small, cool eXplorist 200 handheld GPS navigation device beyond its vibrant yellow exterior. Inside and out, the eXplorist is built to provide real GPS (global positioning system) abilities for serious outdoor use–from its tough, impact-resistant, waterproof exterior to Magellan’s proven, powerful, and easy-to-use technology. The eXplorist 200 rewrites the rules by proving you can spend less and actually get more. Map page. . Navigation page. . Location page. . The eXplorist 200 packs GPS navigation into a tough, impact-resistant device. . The eXplorist 200 includes all-new Magellan TrueFix technology with a 14-parallel-channel, WAAS/EGNOS-enabled GPS receiver to provide precise position fixes within three meters while ensuring reliable, accurate satellite-signal acquisition and tracking. Small, lightweight, and easy-to-use, anyone can pick it up and get going without studying a manual. Among its many features, the eXplorist 200 offers three navigation screens with track plotting to help you find the fun–and then find your way back. Outdoors enthusiasts will appreciate Magellan’s one-button access, which takes you directly to the functions that matter most: the menu, navigation screens, personal points-of-interest, ‘go to’ routing, and backlighting. In addition, the eXplorist 200 stores up to 500 waypoints, 20 routes, and five track logs with up to 2,000 points each, providing ample storage even for avid navigators. The unit also supplies a built-in North American background map, which offers convenient access to roads, parks, waterways, airports, and more. Designed for compact, fit-in-your-pocket convenience, the eXplorist receiver measures just 4.6 by 2.1 by 1.3 inches (11.7 by 5.4 by 3.3 centimeters) and weighs less than four ounces (115 grams), yet still has room for a large, 2.3-inch (5.8 centimeter), four-level grayscale LCD. Plus, with the zoom capability and an amber backlight, this device guarantees optimum viewing, even at night. The unit’s rugged exterior is cased in a rubber-armored, impact-resistant shell that is waterproof to the rigid IPX-7 standard. The eXplorist 200 is ready for adventure in all conditions and terrain, whether you’ll be hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, mountain biking, or simply finding your way around a new area. What’s in the Box eXplorist 200 GPS navigator, manual, and quick-start guide.

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