PC05 FTDI USB Programming Cable for BTECH UV-50X3


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PC05 FTDI USB Programming Cable for BTECH UV-50X3 Description

Genuine FTDI Chipset – Works with the latest Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux Drivers If you are tired of messing with the ‘counterfeit prolific chips’ in the ‘other’ cables available on Amazon – this cable this is your answer. This cable works with the latest FTDI drivers The drivers are also downloadable directly from http://baofengtech.com/pccable Drivers are available which allow FTDI devices to work with the following operating systems: Windows, Max OSX, Linux, and Android Works with the BTECH UV-50X3 Mobile (Contains the required Dual Chipsets) Works with similar mobiles with the single pin programming slot. Q: Do I need to “back-date” or install a prolific driver? A: NO – those procedures found online are for counterfeit cables. This cable will automatically install with the drivers on your computer. Q: My computer did not automatically install the driver – now what? A: Download the and update to the latest FTDI driver at: baofengtech.com/pccable or at anytonetech.com/anytone-usb-cable Q: I need help using the software A: Miklor.com is an excellent resource site for BTECH and BaoFeng FAQs and Software questions.

PC05 FTDI USB Programming Cable for BTECH UV-50X3 how to buy

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