Zphono Phono Pre Amplifier


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Zphono Phono Pre Amplifier Description

The Zphono is perfect for music lovers who want to hook up their analog turntables to today’s line stage preamps, amps, and receivers. Parasound’s low price and high performance make this unit a favorite with audiophiles. Parasound’s new ultra-low distortion Zphono preamp is only half as wide as standard A / V components, but it’s bursting with huge performance features. If you’ve got hi-fi or home theater gear that lacks phono inputs compatible with your turntable, the Zphono is the great-sounding, space-saving solution. The Zphono is Parasound’s successor to its critically acclaimed PPH-100 half-width phono stage. Zphono sounds even quieter and cleaner than the PPH-100 and will bring out details in your vinyl recordings that you have never heard before! The Zphono employs advanced circuitry and high quality components to provide the extra gain stage and RIAA equalization circuitry that are required for highly accurate and low-noise reproduction of the low level output of a phonograph cartridge. In fact, its RIAA curve is accurate to 0.25 dB. A rear panel switch is used to select between moving magnet or moving coil cartridges. The Zphono also features an exclusive AC line polarity switch to ensure hum-free performance in all installations. Zphono works with all line-level preamps, integrated amps, and receivers. It includes no-mar isolation feet for standalone use and a high-quality removable AC power cord.

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